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Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) consulting services

  • Consulting on government funding
  • Application
  • Document responses
Business person raising hand during seminar. Hand up in conference asking to answer a question in business meeting room and seminar class.

Charitable consulting services

  • Charitable license application
  • Charitable consultation
  • Charitable funding application
Global Aviation Abstract Background with planes and city names on a map. Business Travel Transportation concept

Account Services

  • Company incorporation services
  • Annual company filings
  • Auditing services
  • Referrals
Content marketing for modish online business and e-commerce marketing strategy

Secretary services

  • Document organization services
  • Meeting minutes
Businessperson Analyzing Gantt Chart On Laptop

Event planning

  • Providing various event proposal plans
  • Planning and implementation

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) lending services

  • Providing the most suitable financing solutions to help small and medium enterprises turn losses into profits.

Healthcare platform

  • Medical Introduction
    Professional Nursing Services
  • Various Types of Health Check-up Services
  • Accommodation Services
  • Promotion on Medical Social Media
  • Health and Medical Lectures, Workshops, Large Community Events, and Exhibitions
  • Planning of Medical Charity Services
  • Introduction to Medical Benefits

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