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One-stop counselling services to small and medium enterprises and charity organizations

Provide one-stop counselling services to small and medium enterprises and charity organizations, so that they can receive adequate support and embark on their business journey with ease;

Years of experience

Possess years of experience in applying for local and overseas grants, with a 100% success rate for those who applied through us;

Offer business different services

Offer business matching and referral services, marketing, sales promotion, business matching, company formation and auditing services.

Provide relevant support services

Provide relevant support services, ranging from company formation, auditing, to bank account application and loan, etc.

Rich Access Consultancy Ltd

One-stop funding and development consultancy services

Established in 2017 by a registered social worker with 20 years of experience in the management of social welfare organizations, it is the first consultancy in Hong Kong to provide advice on one-stop funding and development consultancy services for small and medium enterprises and charities.


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Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) consulting services

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Charitable consulting services

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Accounting Service

Content marketing for modish online business and e-commerce marketing strategy

Secretary Service


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